White has ear removed, reattached to treat Meniere’s disease

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

UFC President Dana White underwent surgery in California on his left inner ear on Tuesday in the hope of reducing a series of crippling Meniere’s disease attacks. Meniere’s Disease is a disabling inner-ear disorder that can cause vertigo, ringing (tinnitus) and pressure in the ear and fluctuating hearing loss.

“They’re going to cut my ear off,” White told USA TODAY Sports. “My left ear, they’re going to cut it off so they can get inside. They’re going to insert a tube, and this surgery is pretty new – within the last year, I think, this surgery has come out. They have to get inside there to insert a tube, so they have to go in there and go through the hole. They insert a tube, and then they reattach the ear.”

The operation was done by Dr. John House. Success rate for the surgery is approximately 70%.

White chronicled the operation on Twitter.

Dana White ‏@danawhite
Taking off to LA for the surgery right now. I have it at 830am, PUMPED!!! Thank u all so much for the well wishes. Much appreciated

Dana White ‏@danawhite
Dr @nickthetooth is about to perform the surgery right now!! See u in a couple hours 🙂

Dana White ‏@danawhite
It’s over!!! In recovery now 🙂 thanks all the support
The above video includes an exchnage between White and the surgeon.
Dana: It’s over. They did it! Dr. Tooth did a fantastic job.
Doctor: This ear is an inch lower than the other, but otherwise it’s a success.
Dana: Who cares? I was ugly anyways.

Nick Gullo ‏@nickthetooth
UPDATE: wake up lil fella… time for wrestling practice!

The UFC president told MMAFighting.com Wednesday that his ear surgery went “great” and he was already flying home to Las Vegas.

White wrote via text message that he was “sore but that will go away in a few days” following the surgery. He added that he will not be flying to Brazil for UFC on FX 7 this weekend.