White ‘horrified’ for acting debut on ‘The League’

Friday, September 13, 2013

Dana White, The League 

“I went out there and it took three days to shoot this thing,” he said. “And I am horrified, horrified for this to come and air on the 25th. Horrified.”

“I goofed around for a little bit there in television, and it takes your focus off what you really do. What we really do is fights,” he said. “Even this role in ‘The League,’ I was gone for three days. When you’re shooting this thing, I was on set for hours filming. You do takes and retakes and retakes. It was fun. I’ll admit it was fun. It was pretty cool. I met some really cool people. But I’m horrified, like I said, for this thing to air. Yeah, I’m not an actor.”

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