White pays Gorman med bill, offers UFC shot

Friday, September 13, 2013

The bad news:

Tim Gorman’s goal to become The Ultimate Fighter #18 was thwarted during Wednesday’s by a hamstring injury. And Gorman had further bad news, the injury was not covered by the UFC insurance, as it was a pre existing condition.

Gorman suffered the torn hamstring before entering the TUF house, but made it through the elimination round despite the ultimately debilitating injury.

The good news:

UFC president Dana White and the producers of TUF covered Gorman’s medical expenses out of their own pocket.

More good news:

Gorman successfully underwent surgery to correct the injury, and plans to be fighting again in January.

And more good news:

White said on Thursday’s Google Hangout that Gorman will get to fight in the UFC, despite his early exit.

“The kid’s a nutball, he’s a lunatic,” said White. “I like that, that’s not a bad thing. He wanted to continue to fight, I respect that. He’ll get another shot in the UFC, we’ll give him a shot.”

Gorman responded via the UG

From: Timmy Gorman
Member Since: 9/6/13
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Thank to you nice UGers that are showing support for me.

Yeah Dana and TUF producers went beyond what they should have to make me feel welcome from the start and after I was sent home. My hamstring was torn off the bone the week of the fight (so yes, I fought to get in the house like that), so they couldn’t cover a pre-existing injury. They were so nice even after my injury fucked their show up. Being on that show meant the world to me but the way they treated me made the whole experience lifechanging. I could go on for days with true genuine nice things about TUF producers (Jamie and Gary), Dana, Sean Shelby and everyone else including the the camera guys.

Anyone talking shit about Dana or anyone behind the scenes with UFC or TUF is a piece of shit liar or they did something to UFC/TUF and got what they deserved.

When I thought my life was over and couldn’t even afford to pay the medical bills, they kept me positive and paid for everything out of their own pocket when my manager or I didn’t tell them I didn’t have the money.

They have more heart than they do anything and anyone who says different is a fool.