White refutes Mayhem’s accusations

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

In an hour long interview with Ariel Helwani, Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller went into many topics, including his belief that the UFC medical insurance program was basically a scam and that the UFC did ‘underhanded, sneaky shit’ to avoid paying out thousand of dollars to help their fighters.

UFC President Dana White must have been told about the interview and came to the Underground to refute the accusation directly. White posted the e-mail below, from his medical claims coordinator:


Here are all of the medial records I have for Jason.

We paid for his MRI and Doctors visits. At his last appointment Dr. Limpisvasti told him he needed to bring in his films to review before any surgical decisions were made, which he never did. At this point without Dr. Limpisvasti seeing the films I am not sure how he is saying we denied a surgery that has not been requested yet.

Thank you,


According to the e-mail, it seems as though the UFC did what they could for Miller, but he did not follow through with them to receive proper treatment.

As with most he said, she said stories there is usually one side, the other side, and somewhere in the middle, the truth.