White says Rampage made $15.2 million from 2007-2012

January 24, 2013

Las Vegas Sun reporter Case Keefer is reporting that during the media scrum after the UFC on FOX 6 pre-fight press conference that UFC president Dana White referred to Quinton "Rampage" Jackon's income during the five years he was with the company.

It is not known if this amount included sponsorships and other income that does not come directly from the UFC.

Case Keefer ‏@casekeefer
Dana says Rampage made $15.2 million from 2007-2012. Acting baffled by most of Rampage's remarks.

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"I'm not annoyed at all," said White. "Rampage is a grown man. I'm actually kinda bummed out and I feel kinda sorry for him that he's doing this. I don't know why he's taking this approach. If you want to be mad at me and mad at the UFC, feel however you feel. I feel like I've done right by Rampage. I feel like I've done right for him.

"The guy came out and said skateboarders make more than him. Rampage, since 2007, has made $15.2 million in the UFC. I know a lot of skateboarders, it's weird, but I actually live in that world. I'm into that skate and surf and stuff. Unless they're talking about Tony Hawk or Rob Dyrdek or one of those guys, skateboarders aren't making $15.2 million."

"Whatever he's got in his mind, he's playing this thing the wrong way. When this fight is over, we're either gonna do a new deal or we're not gonna do a new deal, we'll see what happens. I just think he's handling this thing the wrong way."