White sees GSP vs. Silva superfight in May

Thursday, November 15, 2012

UFC Middleweight Anderson Silva recently said he does not want to fight until late in 2013. In a recent interview on ESPN’s Sports Center, UFC President Dana White believes Silva will have a superfight with UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre (if GSP beats Carlos Condit Saturday night), well before then.

“Anderson Silva will be there this Saturday watching, and if (St-Pierre) wins it’ll be a huge fight for us,” said White. “It’ll probably be the biggest fight in UFC history. It’ll definitely be the biggest gate. We’ve done (55,000) up in Toronto with Georges before. We’ve had big gates pretty much everywhere we’ve gone, but this one would be either a soccer stadium down in Brazil, Dallas’ Texas Stadium, or we’d do Toronto again.”

White said if GSP wins, he expected Silva would enter the Octagon and challenge the Canadian, but Silva said he wouldn’t. “It is not my character to step in there and call somebody out,” said Silva. “So I think this won’t happen. I fact I don’t just think, I am sure!”

White was not so sure, and he even named a month for the superfight.

“He said he wouldn’t fight Chael Sonnen again either, but he did,” White said. “He always comes out and says this stuff. I don’t know why he does it or why he says the things he says. I guarantee you, he will be there Saturday. If Georges St-Pierre wins, those two will fight and it’ll probably be in May.”

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