White ‘shocked’ how much Rousey makes in Hollywood

Friday, February 21, 2014

Dana White previously said that Rousey would never make anywhere near what she makes in the UFC in Hollywood doing movies. But at last night's pre-fight press conference he did admit that it was higher than had thought it would be:

“Ronda’s making a lot of money [in movies],” White revealed Thursday. “Ronda’s getting paid. I’ve never seen somebody go straight from [the UFC] and go into the movies and make the kind of money she’s making.

“I didn’t even think that was possible. But she is, so good for her.”

“Everybody keeps talking about, ‘What happens if she leaves and goes to Hollywood?’ What happens if she leaves and goes to Hollywood?” White asked. “How is that bad for us? How is that bad for the sport? Is ‘The Rock’ being a huge superstar bad for the WWE?”

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Only time will tell if her success in Hollywood will lead to a permanent departure from the UFC, but banking on her life long career as an athlete it's likely Rousey will stay in the UFC for the immediate future.