White to Bellator: Match the Alvarez deal the way it should be matched

Monday, January 28, 2013

After learning that a judge denied Eddie Alvarez’s request for an injunction, one which would have allowed the former Bellator lightweight champion to fight at UFC 159, White held nothing at the UFC on FOX 6’s post-fight media scrum.

“The judge must not have done his homework if he’s agreeing that Spike TV and FOX are the same platforms,” exclaimed White. “They’re so f—ing far apart, it’s not even funny. It’s two different f—ing universes.

“I saw in their argument where they said, ‘Oh, Spike launches pay-per-views.’ No, actually they don’t. That’s not true. We did. What they’re doing is, they’re saying — not as much Spike, as Viacom — has been saying, ‘We built the UFC.’ No you f–king did not. No you did not, you arrogant, pompous jackass. You did not build the UFC. We’ll see if you did.”

“It’s ridiculous. I don’t know how a court or a judge couldn’t see that. And even if they said, ‘You know what, let’s really dive into this thing. Let’s see what the lowest pay-per-view is the UFC has ever done. Let’s see if we can find out what a low number is, what a high number is, and let’s see if we can find a right number that Eddie Alvarez should be paid.’ There’s got to be some middle ground there. Say, okay, depending on what pay-per-view he would have been on, this is maybe what he should have been paid. Find a middle ground, and pay the kid what he should’ve been paid. There’s nothing wrong with this whole situation as long as Eddie Alvarez gets paid.

“This isn’t one of those situations where you’re talking about, ‘Poor little Bellator.’ Viacom owns Bellator. They’re the owners of Bellator. They pull the triggers. They make the money. They have the money, they decide what’s going on over there.

“These are boxing guys, man. This is what boxing guys do. They sue everybody. They’re always in court, every 15 minutes. So this is something, this Eddie Alvarez situation, if you look at the 13-year history of the UFC, and our relationship with fighters, and what we’ve done, there’s always going to be a situation where guys need more money. Everybody wants to make more money. You guys want to make more money. Everybody needs to make more money. That’s never going to change. That’s in all of sports, okay?

“But you better think long and hard if you’re a manager or a fighter and you’re about to do a deal with Bellator. Think long and hard about how you negotiate that contract.”

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UFC president Dana White reaffirmed his positions on the UG.

First, White took issue with the characterization of his remarks as constituting a call to not fight with Bellator.

From: dfw jr
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I didn’t say “nobody should sign with Bellator” I like that Viacom is in the sport!! They sit on 5 Billion in cash!! That’s a great thing, let them spend some that money on MMA. What I said was if you are a manager and fighter be VERY careful when u do a deal with them. I don’t care about Bellator AT ALL. Pay Eddie what he should be paid. They have the money!!! Pay him

Then he refuted the idea that Spike took a chance with the UFC, and built the organization.

From: dfw jr
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Took a chance on the UFC!!!!? We were a 10 million dollar time buy u dumb fuck!!! If that’s taking a chance i will take those chances ALL DAY long!! Love when dummies who have no clue what really went on behind the scenes act like they do. When I eventually tell the story of how this all got started people will be blown away.

Finally, the UFC president explained that he is not out to get Bellator, but that fighters should get some of the $5,000,000,000 in cash that parent company Viacom is sitting on.

From: dfw jr
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And I’m not on a mission to hurt Bellator. U have never heard me say a bad word about them or Spike. U will hear me be honest about them sometimes but it’s good that Viacom is spending money on MMA as long as they are doing the right thing. Eddie isn’t even their champ and they are doing this shit to him. Look at Rampage, he bad mouthed us all the way out the door!! I still put him on the biggest platform we have and have him the chance to win and go get whatever offers he could. Bellator isn’t poor little struggling Bellator anymore they are Viacom with 5B in cash. Pay the guys, match the deal the way it should be matched!!

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