White to Diaz bros: ‘The world moves on, man’

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Nick Diaz is retired, after a fashion, until he gets a title shot or $500,000. Younger brother Nate is not responding to fight offers from the UFC, and has been removed from the organization's top 10 list. Nate, too, has money issues with the UFC; he currently makes $60,000 to show and another $60,000 to win, an amount he feels adamantly is not commensurate with his top 10 status.

The absence of the Diaz brothers is a vast loss to mixed martial arts, as no one fights like they do, no one connects with fans like they do, and they will not be able to fight forever.

At the post fight media scrum, White addressed the issue.

“The thing that’s sad about it: I like them,” White said to MMAjunkie. “And I used to have a really good relationship with Nate, but fighting or any other sport, it isn’t a profession. It isn’t a job. It’s an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to make money. It’s an opportunity to achieve great things in a short window of time.

“And if they want to sit out their window of time, for the rest of their career, that’s up to them.”

“We keep offering Nate fights, and he turns them down. Nate, by not responding, thinks he’s not turning them down. But by not responding, he is turning them down. That’s not really how it works, you know?”

“It’s not frustrating for me at all. If the Diaz brothers don’t ever want to fight again, that’s up to them. They’re fun to watch. I know people like to watch them. But you can’t make grown men fight. They either want to fight or they don’t.

“The world moves on, man.”

While White may profess a lack of frustration, it is not shared by their fans, who want to see whatever has to get done get done to get the Diaz brothers back in the Octagon, before they, and we, get old.