White to women-headlined UFC 157 card doubters and haters

Saturday, February 23, 2013

When the UFC announced that there was going to be a female fighting in the UFC, and her name was Ronda Rousey, the hardcore fan base was generally positive. Only a few took a moment to lift their knuckles off the ground and shout “girl no good fight, don’t like.”

When it was announced that the first ever women’s MMA fight was going to be the headliner, over names like Dan Henderson and Lyoto Machida, a significant percentage of the hardcore fanbase said it was a travesty, and would never work.

UFC President Dana White has a message for those doubters.

“We’re a few hundred tickets from a sellout,” White said at Thursday’s UFC 157 press conference. “And, the gate is so big because the tickets remaining are all the cheap seats, which is very unusual. Usually we get in these situations and it’s more the middle tier seats that are still there. These are the cheapest seats in the place. This is going to be a sellout.”

“This is without a doubt the most media attention we’ve ever had before a fight. And when I am talking about media attention, I’m talking big time media. This gate beat the gate last time we were here when we had the heavyweight championship between Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos.

“There was a lot of smack talk originally when I announced this fight about headlining with two women. Again, I said what would happen and here we are. This gate is bigger and there has been all this talk about pay-per-view buys and wondering how the women would do. I just talked to Lorenzo and this fight is trending very well. All the naysayers and everybody who said this and that about two women headlining a fight, I won’t be rude, but you know what I usually say about this.”

So what White is saying is “I won’t say f@$% you, but f@$% you.”

The overwhelming majority of pay-per-view buys are made the day of the event, so there is no definitive way to predict accurately what they will be, but Kevin Iole reports trends suggest it could be as high as 400,000.