White wants Rich Franklin to retire

Thursday, September 19, 2013

38-year-old Rich Franklin hasn’t fought since a KO loss to Cung Le last November. Many assumed ‘Ace’ had retired, but at a recent media event for Saturday’s UFC 165, UFC president Dana White said the former UFC middleweight champion wants to fight on.

White would prefer ‘Ace’ make money in a Los Angeles juice bar business.

“I think he wants one more fight,” said White. “I think he wants to fight again. It’s so hard for these guys to retire. It’s so hard to make the, ‘I’m retiring’ statement. It’s hard.”

“He’s building a business right now. He’s starting his own business. He’s out there (LA) working on that and building his own business. Hopefully it takes off and he makes millions of dollars and doesn’t want to do that last fight. That’s what I’d love to see.

“When guys get to a certain age, my question becomes, ‘Why? Why go in and fight a guy?’ I know you love it. I know this is who you are and everything else, but if he does this juice bar thing and it takes off and he makes millions of dollars, good for him. I’d rather that happen.”

Franklin discussed the venture in an interview last month.

“Nutrition has always been a passion of mine,” he said. “I have been laying the groundwork for an organic juice bar, Ze/Lin, to open this fall in LA. My first location will be in Beverly Hills. I’m excited and even busier.”

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