Who had the greatest win streak in MMA history?

Monday, July 08, 2013

When Chris Weidman beat Anderson Silva Saturday night, the hardcore fanbase immediately made comparisons with Fabricio Werdum beating Fedor Emelianenko back in 2010.  MMAFighting’s Dave Meltzer looks at the Fedor and Silva streaks, as well as those of Royce Gracie, Wanderlei Silva, and GSP.

Royce Gracie
•Undefeated in 13 fights, with 11 wins by submission, one decision, one draw (that he likely would have lost had there been judges.
•Streak lasted 17 months.
•Two opponents, Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn, were ever champions in MMA.
•Had the advantage of being born into a family with generations of No Hold Barred fighting, against people with none.

Fedor Emelianenko
•Emelianenko’s 29-fight streak started on April 6, 2001, and ended on June 26, 2010, for more than nine years. Add four fights and a year if you discount the bogus cut stoppage.
•Of his 29 fights, if you throw out the no contest, there were five decisions out of 28, meaning a finishing percentage of 82.1%.
•Ten were against fighters who at some point in their careers held major MMA championships, and that doesn’t include his highest profile career win over Mirko Cro Cop.
•Fought seven pro wrestlers, and MMA was not as evolved as it was during Anderson Silva’s run.

Wanderlei Silva
•Unbeaten from August 12, 2000 to December 31, 2004, or nearly four years and five months, earning 16 wins, one draw and one no contest.
•Throwing out the draw and no contest, in his 16 wins, only two were decisions, a finishing percentage of 87.5%.
•Five of his wins came against fighters who won major championships during their career. Three other wins were over Kazushi Sakuraba, an all-time great who never held a major championship.
•Aside from his gimmick match with Cro Cop, he didn’t face a non-Japanese fighter until Quinton Jackson, at which point he had beaten every tough, or even not-so-tough, Japanese in his division.

Georges St-Pierre
•Since the loss to Matt Serra on April 7, 2007, GSP had 11 wins in a row, ten of which were championship matches.
•Tied Silva with ten title match wins in his streak.
•St-Pierre’s finishing percentage of 27 percent is the lowest of the big five. However, he has only been in trouble once, when he was knocked down in his Nov. 17, title defense against Carlos Condit.
•In only one fight, against Jake Shields, did he even lose a single round.
•Six of his 11 wins were against men who held championships of major organizations, and three others, Jon Fitch, Josh Koscheck and Thiago Alves, were all right at that caliber.

Anderson Silva
Winning streak starting on April 22, 2006, with a first round knockout of Tony Fryklund.
•88.2% finishing rate, the highest of anyone.
•Six of his wins were against fghters who held major championships.
•Overall quality of opposition is second only to St-Pierre.

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The three greatest streaks were by Fedor, Silva, and GSP. Of the three:
•GSP had the highest caliber of competition, and was on the defensive the least, but has the least finishing rate.
•Fedor’s was the longest and largest.
•Silva had the highest finishing rate.

Of those three, none stands out inarguably. So that is a good reason on argue about it – who had the greatest stream in MMA history?

And looking forward, we have Jon Jones, Weidman, Jose Aldo, Dominick Cruz, Renan Barao and Ronda Rousey.