Why was Miguel Torres released a second time?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Last week, when Miguel Torres announced his release by the UFC, he said “I am writing this letter to inform you that as a result of my last loss, I was cut from the UFC.” However, Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer (subscription) says the cut was not because of a loss, but rather “was disciplinary in nature.”

The cutting of Miguel Torres was disciplinary in nature although it was not said what the cause was, only that he was cut. His record wasn’t bad, with a knockout loss to Michael McDonald who is going to be a top star (provided his hands don’t keep betraying him as he’s already broken them a couple of times) and a close loss to Demetrious Johnson, both top guys. He made the rape joke on twitter and was fired, then brought back, and apparently he made some sort of a similar mistake.

Given that Torres was 2-2 his last four fights in the UFC, and that his last fight, a KO loss to Michael McDonald, was back in April, the timing does seem unusual.

Torres was released back in December over an innapropriate joke on Twitter, but accepted responsibility, and was brought back on contract the same month. Torres has a unique, compelling, and sometimes envelope pushing character on Twitter, which raises questions as to the cause of his recent release.

Torres’ most recent tweets were not unusual.

Miguel Angel Torres
It’s not what people say and the way they say it, it’s your reaction to it and how you handle the situation that matters most.

I heard Planned Parenthood wants to sponsor John Jones giving seminars about the pull out method. Life is a dirty game, you got to play dirty to win it.
There are two kinds of people in this world, I’m not like either one of them.
True strength is tested when you hit rock bottom, you are battle hardened when you get back up. I really hate taking tests.
If I was like everyone else, I wouldn’t be me.
They say God doesn’t give us more than we can handle, I must be a tough SOB cause he sure is giving me my fill.
If it wasn’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all.
You can be bullet proof but it still hurts when you get shot.
They say you are what you eat, funny thing about that is I don’t remember eating a fucking legend.
When I am feeling down and need a confidence boost I take a trip to Walmart.
Being a good man comes with a very high cost. Some guys take the easy way out, but in the end they were never really men to begin with.
Lions don’t worry about the opinions of sheep.
Is it romantic if I turn the lights off & light a candle when I watch internet porn?
I ñever said I was a good guy. #snrs
It is my opinion and it may get me in trouble but the guy who shot the innocent people in Aurora should be…

However, a Tweet from back in May is almost incomprehensible given what has happened: