Wild amateur double 360 degree spinning KO in Thailand

Friday, August 30, 2013

Philosophy has Plato. Pop music has Cher. And then there is a Team Quest Thailand fighter, known only as Tick, who, in just his second amateur fight, won via one unique KO.

While the pro ranks of MMA offer highly-trained fighters, who have mastered a vast array of skills, the amateur ranks too can be compelling, as the fighters aren’t always sure what to do next. So in the amateur ranks of a sport where anything can happen, anything can happen.

As seen in the video below, 37 seconds into the fight, Tick throws a right, and inexplicably spins 360 degrees. This sends Van, charging in with hands guarding his hips, also spinning 360 degrees, as he goes down to the mat.

Thanks to MiddleEasy for the find.

Does anyone have a good name for what happened??!?

And if you have ever seen anything like it, please post it below.

For example, Peter Graham’s Rolling Thunder vs Badr Hari was 360 degrees and with a kick, and left Hari with a broken jaw.