‘Wildman’ Ochocinco really wants to fight Anderson Silva

Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Last week, Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco and UFC president Dana White exchanged tweets in regards to Ochocinco meeting UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva in the octagon.

White got things started, sending a message Ochocinco’s way that said, “@ochocinco ur gonna have to fight anderson! I’m ready whenever u are. Let’s do it!”

Ochocinco sidestepped White on his reply; instead, he directed his message to Silva.

“@SpiderAnderson just a warning, after the CBA expires tomorrow, please be very afraid; I’m free to participate in whatever! #fightme”

Never one to shy away from the spotlight, Ochocinco took his message to the people recently.

“I’ll whip his a**,” Ochocinco stated at ESPN the Weekend in Orlando, Fla. “I’m not going to the ground. I know if I’m going to fight Anderson, I have to fight him standing up. I’m quicker than him. I know he’s good at what he does, but let’s not be fooled. I’m one of the elite athletes in the NFL. I’m very fast.”

Ochocinco already has his nickname picked out.

“Wildman,” he said. “I just create my own style. I’m crazy enough to get in there.”

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