Will Nick Diaz will have rug burns on his back?

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

 Former Strikeforce welterweight title contender Tyron Woodley was recently interviewed by BJPenn Radio, and offered his thoughts on the upcoming welterweight fights at UFC 158 on March 16.

Woodley on Nate Marquardt vs. Jake Ellenberger:

“Jake has a very heavy left hook and a heavy overhand right,” said Woodley. “He has the ability to go for a double leg quite often, both of those guys are so similar. Nate’s a little bit bigger, he might hit a little harder, he’ll throw in some kicks and his ground game is better. I don’t know how Nate is feeling after his last fight (against Tarec Saffiedine) and if his leg is 100% healed up. Ellenberger is as hungry as ever as he tries to make his crack towards the top. He wanted that Hendricks fight because he knew how close Johny was to that world title. It’ll be interesting, the way things are going to play out in this division over the next three months will be pretty crazy.”

Woodley on Johny Hendricks vs. Carlos Condit:

“I think (Hendricks) is a nightmare for all those guys because the way he comes forward,” said Woodley. “He’s coming from the southpaw stance with heavy hands and a decent chin and a great wrestling pedigree. He comes in there and throws everything hard. I think guys who can get in close to Condit, hit him inside and put him on his back are the ones who pose a threat. If he can keep Hendricks on the end of his punches and make it a kickboxing match, similar like he did with Diaz, he has a chance to pull it off.”

Woodley on the GSP vs. Nick Diaz main event:

“I think GSP is going to take Diaz down until his back gets rug burns on it,” said Woodley. “I don’t think Diaz can submit him and he’ll lose by decision. If GSP lets Diaz get inside of his head with his antics, his taunting and entertains a striking battle that’ll put Diaz in the game. He didn’t entertain it with Josh Koscheck and I don’t see him doing it with Diaz. I think he’ll stick to the script and be the champion he’s always been. He’ll go out there, stick to a strict gameplan and get the win.”

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What do you think UG, is a back full of rug burns in Diaz’s future?