Win a pair of Monster headphones, as seen on Ronda Rousey

Monday, March 04, 2013

The Underground has partnered with Monster to give away a pair of these headphones, free to one of our users. Monster gave me free reign to give them away, so this being the UG, what better way than a Romoshop Contest. To enter for your chance to win these awesome headphones you must:

1) Visit Monster’s website for the product here:

       – Choose to ‘like’ the page with their Facebook Widget


2) Submit a romoshop. Photo must include an image of Ronda and must include the headphones. Source material is provided below. Click for larger size.


3) Tweet your creation. Make sure you add @theUG, @rondaRousey, & @monsterProducts to your Tweet.

4) A winner will be chosen by the brass here at the UG. You have until March 5th, 10:00 PM ET to enter.


Update: So I was thinking about people who can’t romoshop, and that’s it is a bit unfair, so what I’m going to do is giveaway a second pair! All you need to do is tweet @theUG and @monsterProducts. Be creative and post your tweet here as well. Phone Post