Woodley: Feed me to the wolves

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Tyron Woodley made one of the more impressive debuts of a Strikeforce import, TKO’ing Jay Hieron in just thirty six seconds of the first round at UFC 156. Now Woodley faces a hard test this weekend, fighting Jake Shields at UFC 161. Woodley, however, is down for the challenge and ready to fight the best the UFC has to offer:

“The whole goal that entire camp was to make a statement,” Woodley told Bleacher Report about his UFC debut. “I not only wanted to make a statement to myself but also the team I fight for and the promotion. The UFC needed to see that I was there now and put everyone on notice.

“I think I’m ready, man. I don’t need to be powdered up. I’ve asked for tough fights on purpose. Feed me to the wolves. I already know who they are. It’s not like they have some secret animal they are going to unleash inside the cage. I already know who the wolves are in the welterweight division and I’m ready to fight any of them.”

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