Woodley: I’m the new generation

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tyron Woodley has looked impressive in two of his three UFC bouts defeating Jay Heiron and Josh Koscheck by TKO, but struggled in a bout with Jake Shields. His next fight will be his stiffest test as he takes on Carlos Condit at UFC 171, but Woodley is determined to prove he is the next generation of an MMA fighter:

“I didn’t want this fight because I thought that it was easy, that he was a pushover. I’m actually a fan of Condit, he brings it every time. You never can count him out.

For me, I need these types of bouts. I needed the bout with Josh Koscheck because he was going to force me to use the tools that God gave me, and I think Carlos Condit is going to be my toughest test. I’m looking forward to it.”

Woodley’s game plan for the upcoming fight is not terribly technical, “My strategy is to be the best Tyron Woodley I can be. If I come out there like a ball of fire, I think a hard right hand to any welterweight and I’ll put them on the ground. I think that I’m going to get the chance to test his chin. I think I’m going to get the chance to test his cardio that I’ve been hearing about,” Woodley said.

As for the outcome, despite being the underdog, Woodley is very confident that he will walk away with the win, “I think I’m the new generation of the sport, and I’ll prove it.”

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