Would you watch an all women TUF?

Friday, November 22, 2013

Pioneering women’s bantamweight fighter Tara LaRosa offered an interesting suggestion, via Twitter.

Tara LaRosa @TaraLaRosa
I’m guessing some time in the near future the UFC will do a 115lb TUF. Instead of guys & chics, how about an all women’s 115 & 135lb house?

Sometimes the best ideas are so simple it takes a long time before people get it, like wheels on luggage. Combat sports were the same way. Boxers boxed, Judoka threw, BJJ players submitted, etc, but until UFC 1, no one thought to put all the rules together.

This season of The Ultimate Fighter famously featured for the first time both male and female competitors.

MMAFighting’s Dave Meltzer recently noticed a clear pattern this season – people are more interested in the female fights than the male fights.

There has been an up-and-down pattern in the ratings. As in, the week of a women’s fight, the audience is up. The two women’s fights, airing on Sept. 12 and Sept. 26, did 870,000 and 778,000 viewers live. The men’s fights on Sept. 19 and Oct. 3 did 639,000 and 640,000. While the live ratings are down with the move to Fox Sports 1, most weeks it has been the most watched sports event on television for the night, particularly in the target Male 18-49 demographic.

If women’s fights are more compelling to viewers than men’s fights, and if the UFC is going to debut a new women’s division, then why not have an all women’s season of TUF?