Wrestling icon Kenny Monday starting MMA promotion

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

When ZUFFA acquired Strikeforce, the promotion’s matchmaker Rich Chou was left without a job, as was the entire event staff, save for CEO Scott Coker.

Now Chou is back, as VP of the new, Oklahoma-based BattleGrounds MMA. President of the company is wrestling Icon Kenny Monday.

Steph Daniels sat down with Monday for another in an unending series of awesome interviews.

“I’m very excited about BattleGrounds,” said Monday. “It came together through the work of Bryan O’Rourke, Rich Chou and some others. Those guys are really into the game and are doing a lot of good things promoting the fights.

“Since the time I fought in ’98, I’ve always been interested and had my nose to the ground, especially watching my friends like Dan Severn compete. I don’t fight anymore, but I still coach wrestling, so I really couldn’t go full time into MMA, but I really wanted to find a niche, a way I could contribute to the sport. I do train some guys from time to time. They’ll come to me before their fights and want to get some work in.

“With BattleGrounds, I’ve found that niche.

“It’s going to be a great opportunity for a lot of fighters, and I’m really excited about going forward with it. If you put on a great show with good fighters and good competition, it will be successful. That’s what people want to see, great competition. MMA has been around long enough for us to learn from other’s mistakes. We’ve seen the right way to do it and we’ve seen some of the wrong ways to do it. You’ve just got to keep things simple, and focus on the competition aspect.”

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