Yoshiyuki Yoshida cut by UFC on his 36th birthday

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yoshiyuki Yoshida has been released following his UFC 113 loss to Mike Guymon, his manager Shu Hirata confirmed to MMA Fighting.

“He doesn’t know how many years he has left, but he feels young in terms of ring age,” Hirata said. “To go back to the UFC is really difficult once you’ve been cut. Considering his age, it’s more difficult. I don’t think they like to sign someone new who is older than 35, but he still wants to try. The only way is to beat up someone very noticeable.”

The question will be whether Yoshida drops to lightweight or continues on as a welterweight. It is a debate which Yoshida had even before being offered the Guymon fight, and one that will be ongoing in the near future.

“Fifteen pounds is a huge drop, and it’s better to drop it slowly,” Hirata said. “He felt it was risky to try immediately, so he decided to stick with 170, but now he feels he should consider it.”

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