Zahabi: GSP made weight and had shorts on

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Earlier this week a representive for Diaz’s camp made a statement criticizing the Quebec Commission for it’s actions surronding UFC 158. The statement alleged that a rule not counting the decimal point for a weigh in existed, in essence allowing either athlete to be up to .9lbs over the 170.0 lb. limit allowed by the unified rules of mixed martial arts for title bouts.

According to his primary coach, Firaz Zahabi, his fighter did make weight:

GSP made weight and he had his shorts on.”

That was the initial response of Firas Zahabi, head coach of UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, when asked about the statement released by former Vancouver Athletic Commission member and current Nick Diaz affiliate Jonathan Tweedale on Tuesday afternoon.

“I was told the decimal didn’t count, so we didn’t worry about it.,” Zahabi said via email earlier today. “I don’t see even .9 making a difference in a fight, so I didn’t give it any thought.”

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