Monday, January 22, 2018

UFC middleweight Uriah Hall reportedly had a seizure while cutting weight for a middleweight fight vs. Vitor Belfort at UFC Fight Night 124, and went to the hospital for 48 hours. The fight was canceled.

“I think I had a mini seizure and at the same time a slight heart attack,” said Hall. “My kidneys were just not good. … The doctor even said, even if I made weight, I probably would’ve died the next day because my body wasn’t having it.”

UFC president Dana White said if you can’t make weight safely, then you should move up a division. Mike Mazzulli, president of the Association of Boxing Commissions, said Hall may have to.

“The ABC does have the ABC registry and we will post that Uriah Hall won’t be able to fight at that weight [185 pounds],” said Mazzulli to Trent Reinsmith for MMAjunkie. “There will be notes on the registry that state that he missed the weight and that he can’t fight at that weight.”

Mazzulli explained that cutting weight is something fighters tend only to think about during the cut, but instead, it has to become a lifestyle. Mazzulli pointed to Bernard Hopkins, the oldest man in the history of boxing to win a major world title, at 46 years, 4 months, 6 days.

“I always have this meeting ahead of time with these kids and I go over all this stuff, and I discuss Bernard Hopkins,” said Mazzulli. “And my question to you is, Bernard Hopkins walked around when he was a champ at 170 pounds. I remember sitting down to dinner with him and he had a boiled chicken. He wasn’t even booked to fight, and he fought at 168. Now, is there a correlation between the length of his career and dehydration? Absolutely. Look at heavyweight: Heavyweights can fight until they’re 50 – there’s a huge correlation to that.”

“I go back to the education aspect of it. We have to change the culture [of extreme weight cutting], and we’re not going to change the culture overnight.”