Ammy champ in ICU with terrible injuries, needs support

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Chris ‘Coco’ Cocores Go Fund Me 

Amateur MMA champ Chris ‘Coco’ Cocores (7-4) lays in the hospital with a ghastly 12-inch gash in his stomach after surgeons worked to recompose his intestines after a fatal car accident several days ago that claimed the life of his girlfriend and dog. Besides the internal organ damage, Coceres’ back and arm have multiple breaks, and stitches litter his face. This young champion has responded to the adversity differently than most might

“Life can knock me down but it won’t hold me down,” he said from the hospital, vowing, “I’ll be back soon.”

This isn’t the first time ‘Coco’ was knocked down. He lost his mother to cancer several years ago. He uses his memories of her to power his performances in the cage. Two years ago Chris left his home of Lake Tahoe to move to San Diego in hope of furthering his MMA career. It was there he would meet his girlfriend Cecilia Casares.

To support his MMA dream Chris worked several positions in sales and reaching the top in each. However, most of the jobs required him to work the wrong hours for a fighter and so he would move on. Recently Chris was able to find a position where management was willing to work with his schedule and he found a residence close to his new team; everything was falling into place for him and Ceci.

Leading up to the 2017 Christmas holiday, Chris was more certain than ever about his choices and planned a family visit and training trip back to Lake Tahoe. He arrived and reconnected with old friends and teachers. After the holidays the sober Ceci and Chris made their way down the mountainside back to San Diego to resume their studies and work.

After several hours of driving, Ceci took over the wheel. Then tragedy struck. While legally passing a truck, their vehicle was involved in a multi-car, head-on collision. Chris was life-flighted to the Loma Linda medical center where he remains in the ICU. Ceci lost her life.

Like many other fighters, Chris is without health insurance; he is saddled with an incredibly difficult uphill battle to return to a normal life. He sees it differently with his first wish to get back to what he loves the most in this world – the martial arts.

Members of his team from Lake Tahoe have established a Go Fund Me to help with the substantial medical and funeral expenses. We sincerely hope that fighters, promotions, and fans will look at this tragic situation and try to contribute and share in some way to help Coco.

Chris has severe injuries and if you have ideas on who might be able to help his dream of fighting again please contact his family directly at

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Chris ‘Coco’ Cocores Go Fund Me

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