Cerrone: If you’re not a fan of Lawler fight then F@$% YOU

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Donald Cerrone and Robbie Lawler are scheduled to fight at UFC 213 on July 8. Some fights are awesome on paper but end up uneventful. This fight is awesome on paper and it will be awesome.

Both have wear from a style that is always exciting. Cerrone is coming off a TKO loss to Jorge Masvidal in January, which broke a four-fight win streak. Lawler is coming off a KO loss to Tyron Woodley in July of 2016, which broke a five-fight win streak. Both men have taken a break from fighting to rest after hard fights. Lawler’s was voluntary; Cerrone’s was ordered by Dana White. And now both are rested and ready.

In a sport driven by trash talk, for this fight doesn’t need it.


“I don’t think you have to gas us up,” said Cerrone during Wednesday’s media luncheon, as transcribed by Simon Samano and Ken Hathaway for MMAjunkie. “We’re already full tanks, man.”

“Robbie is old school, been around forever. And so have I. Somebody’s going to lose. But I don’t think Robbie looks at it like that; neither do I. I don’t go in there like, ‘F*** I have to win. My career.’ … I’m going to fight, to fight one of the best brawlers, going to stand up, f***ing throw down, and put on a show. This fight is for me. This is what I love. There’s no place I’d rather be than in that motherf***er. And then throwing down with one of the greatest? C’mon, I’m loving it – every minute of it.”

Everyone knows it’s a guaranteed exciting fight. Could it be the Fight of the Year?

“Oh, for sure. In my mind it already is,” said Cerrone. “Fight of the Everything. Fight of my life. Can’t wait, man. I’m f***ing pumped. It’s going to be exciting. I don’t even know why I need to keep selling this fight. If you’re not a f***ing MMA fan and watching this fight, then f*** you. That’s all I’ve got to say.”