Monday, February 19, 2018

The main event of UFC Fight Night 126 in Austin, Texas featured a welterweight bout between Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone and Yancy Medeiros.

Don’t write off Donald Cerrone just yet.

The wildly popular “Cowboy” took a three-fight losing streak into his high-stakes UFC Austin main event against Yancy Medeiros on Sunday night.

Medeiros was game for a throwdown, and the duo delivered a thrilling brawl.

But a wicked right hand by Cerrone in the opening round’s waning seconds opened the floodgates. Cerrone didn’t let up until referee Herb Dean called off the welterweight bout at the 4:58 mark.



Round 1 – Medeiros and Cerrone trade one-twos off the bat. Cerrone circles and fires off a body kick. Medeiros in quick and Cerrone misses on a takedown conversion. Spinning back kick pushes Cerrone back. Cerrone trying to land on the counter and misses, but a body kick is good. Cerrone mixing leg kicks with takedown feints and combinations. Medeiros pauses and resets. He’s trying to circle around and getting caught with body kicks. They trade right hands. Cerrone takes a right hand and backpedals. Cerrone feints the takedown and then reconsiders. Medeiros peppers him with more shots. Right hand slams Medeiros, but he goes to the mat on the counter. They hug in friendship. Left straight for Medeiros and then Cerrone drops him with a left. Cerrone now landing regularly to the jaw, looking for combinations to catch Medeiros off guard. Lunging knee lands. Medeiros spins and they clinch briefly. Trading in the pocket, and Medeiros nearly gives up a takedown. They clinch, and Cerrone walks them to the cage. Cerrone bleeding from his head. Medeiros turns him and works knees. Medeiros tries to wrap the head, and Cerrone lands a right hand. Medeiros getting tagged on the counter. Medeiros sets up for a clinch. It’s the wrong decision, as Cerrone tags him with a huge right hand that drops Medeiros clean. Cerrone pounds away for the finish, and Dean steps in to save Medeiros.



Official Result: Donald Cerrone defeated Yancy Medeiros by TKO (Strikes, Round 1, 4:58)