Charlize Theron compares toughness of NASCAR and MMA

Saturday, March 10, 2018

South African and American actress and film producer Charlize Theron appeared recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live and compared the toughness of NASCAR drivers and UFC fighters. Theron had been the honorary starter at the Daytona 500, and is a fan of America’s #1 spectator sport. She is as well as a passionate and appreciated regular at UFC events.

“I got to go to a drivers meeting right before the race,” said Theron to Kimmel, as transcribed by Matt Erickson for MMAjunkie. “I’ve been to UFC fights, and boxing, and you just expect the fighters to stare each other off. I was not expecting it with racecar drivers. Oh my God. … You could spot them just kind of staring each other down.

“There was this really nice announcement made for Danica Patrick because it was her last NASCAR race. … I’m [waving at her] and trying to be all sweet. She totally saw me [and wouldn’t smile]. It wasn’t me – I think she was keeping it [mean] for intimidation reasons for the other drivers. It was almost worst than the UFC.”


“[Drivers] have to work harder [at intimidation] because fighters get really close to each other – drivers are in cars.”

However, Kimmel, a fellow UFC fan, and more, an investor in the company, couldn’t agree.

“No, they’re not working harder than the UFC guys,” Kimmel responded. “The big difference is, no one is punching them in the face. No one’s getting them in a stranglehold.”

However, Theron was not dissuaded.

“I don’t know what’s worse: That, or getting in a car crash,” she countered. “That’s not a good way to go.”

Theron has a point. NASCAR has seen 28 deaths, and 14 at Daytona International Speedway alone. By contrast, deaths in the Octagon stand at 0.