Monday, March 12, 2018

Athletes follow the same path:
1. Learn a sport.
2. Compete in that sport.
3. If you develop into an elite competitor, turn professional.

Former WWE superstar Phil ‘CM Punk’ Brooks decided instead to Fire-Ready-Aim when he chose to become an MMA fighter.

First, he signed with the UFC. Then he began to learn mixed martial arts, without a competitive background in any combat sport. His Roufusport BJJ Instructor estimated he had rolled for about two weeks with Rener and Ryron Gracie. And Punk got a green belt in Kenpo karate as a child. And, of course, he was an excellent and compelling professional wrestler.

A 1-0 pro named Mickey Gall called out CM Punk at a regional event with UFC president Dana White in attendance Lookin’ for a Fight, and was selected as Punk’s opponent, if he could get past a minor hurdle, which he could.

Gall left CM Punk with a bloody cauliflower ear, and a facial expression like his pickup truck had just washed away in a flood, with his dog in it.

However, CM Punk is game, said immediately and since he wanted to try the Octagon again, and now apparently is.

A fan asked on Twitter a little unkindly, “So when are we gonna see you cry again in the Octagon?”

CM Punk’s reply may be definitive or may be more wishful, but the event is clear.

“June nine, after I win and lock eyes with my beautiful wife, embrace my coaches and shout out my entire team,” Punk tweeted in reply.

UFC 225 will be held on June 9, 2018, at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. The opponent is TBA. No males on the current UFC roster in any weight division are appropriate, so the UFC is presumably searching for someone at a comparable level.