Coach: Holm is going to ‘Christy Martin’ Cris Cyborg

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Jackson-Wink co-founder Mike Winkeljohn appeared recently on Submission Radio and discussed Holly Holm’s fight with Cris Cyborg at UFC 219.

“Holly’s stopping Cris Cyborg probably later in the fight,” he predicted. “You know, round four, round five she’s gonna finish the fight, shock the world again.”

“She’s a hundred percent, she’s ready to go. She had a lot issues behind the scenes after she beat Ronda, but most of them have been taken care of, and she’s there. There’s no waiting, she wanted to fight. We talked about, ‘should we wait longer, take the fight and get a lot of things in place’ but she said she wants to fight and that’s what Holly wants to do.”

“Behind the scenes when we fought Ronda we were pretty confident that we had the proper game plan to beat Ronda. Everybody thought we were crazy, everyone thought Holly was crazy when she first fought Christy Martin back in the early days in boxing cause Christy Martin knocked everyone out, and Holly made that look easy, and she had what I call that ‘Christy Martin’ moment where Christy tried to throw a punch at her, Holly slipped under and then Christy almost went through the ropes. Guess what? Ronda did the same thing, and it’s gonna happen in the Cris Cyborg fight, she’s gonna have that same moment.”

“Beating Cris Cyborg puts Holly back and higher where she will be the, I guess, biggest name ever in women’s combat sports. So she’s gotta win the fight and got to do that first, and then maybe she’ll get paid even more in the next one.”


The coach also had an intriguing suggestion for fighters who miss weight.

“I personally think that sometimes fighters don’t make, and in this case she’s got to make weight cause it’s a world title fight. But if she wasn’t gonna make weight, there’s no way I’d take the fight unless the judges gave us a point on everybody’s scorecard. You know, the first round you just lost a point and lost penalty moneywise.”

“Trying to get the boxing commission to do something last-minute [is unlikely]. It’d be nice to have that set up ahead of time. I only hope and pray that she makes weight because Holly wants to win that world title, it’s as simple as that. But I would like to see some kind of policy like that across the board for MMA fighters, because what happens is the fighter, he’s trained his ass off and he wants to fight, and so he has the tendency to take the fight and take a little bit of money, but that doesn’t really matter, it’s about the win. And how many times has that happened where they’ve lost the fight to the guy that didn’t make the weight? There’s something wrong with that scenario and the pressure that’s put on the person to take the fight by the promoter because you want to stay in good with the promoter. The promoter doesn’t really care about the fighter, so I think it’s up to the commission to penalize the person who didn’t make weight. You’re a man and you signed a contract, perform.”

(5:24 mark)

UFC 219: Cyborg vs. Holm will be held on December 30, 2017 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.