Coach: I hope CM Punk competes in Jiu-Jitsu going forward

Friday, June 15, 2018

CM Punk is by every account a tough, dedicated guy, a good person, who earned the respect of his amazing Roufusport MMA teammates. If you spent $60 to watch him have his second fight on a local, amateur card, then you got your money’s worth. Your teammate dug down and hung as tough as a kid with an unhappy childhood. And Punk is a multimillionaire, doesn’t have to work at all.

Unfortunately, the fight took place on an expensive pay per view, so it was more complex. And for the second time.

Roufusport jiu-jitsu coach Daniel Wanderley, who was in Punk’s corner for both of his fights, spoke recently with Guilherme Cruz for MMA Fighting. The 3rd degree black belt talked about what happened, and what might be next.

“Mike Jackson has a boxing background, so our strategy was to avoid standing with him,” said Wanderley. “CM Punk comes from the wrestling world. It’s fake wrestling with WWE, but he’s more of a grappler than a striker. Even though he has worked on his striking for a long time, it takes years, especially if you’re starting at his age.”

“Our plan was to go for takedowns early. We knew [Jackson] didn’t have much of a ground game, so he could scramble and submit or work on his ground and pound on top. … I think that the adrenaline of his [WWE] court case, that battle during fight week didn’t help.”

“I texted him after the fight to check if he was okay, because he went to the hospital, and he said he was fine but heartbroken because he really wanted to win this one for us because we worked hard with him for years.”

“I hope he continues training and maybe enters a jiu-jitsu competition, something he has always talked about. I hope he comes back with a good mindset and keeps training jiu-jitsu because that’s good for his life. I think that’s a perfect sport for him.

“I think he should continue training kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, but training for a fight is too hard. I wish he would go on to compete in jiu-jitsu because you face opponents at your age, your skill level, your belt rank, so you don’t fight someone more experienced than you. That’s my recommendation for him.”