Monday, December 04, 2017

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping has the most fights of any active fighter in the league, and the most wins in history. And he’s 38, and just suffered back to back losses for the first time in his career. The Count’s longtime coach Jason Parillo spoke recently with MMAjunkie and talked about what’s next.

“In my opinion, Michael Bisping’s done enough,” said Parillo as transcribed by Matt Erickson and Mike Bohn for MMAjunkie. “I don’t think Michael Bisping ever has to fight again. I think that he had such a phenomenal career – if we are just fighting for money, maybe it’s not worth it at this point. He’s made a lot of money. He can retire and be fine for the rest of his life. He’ll never be fine just sitting around being fine. He’s going to go out and be making noise doing something else. That’s a conversation that’s going to be had over the course of time, obviously.”

Bisping has said he wants one last fight, in his home country, at UFC Fight Night 127 on March 17 in London. However, the coach isn’t so sure that’s wise.

“The wound is still a little fresh,” said Parillo. “I’m still a little down about his last fight. Not because he lost. You’re going to be down. I tell these guys, ‘Don’t worry about what people say and what people think’ and the whole nine yards. But, at the end of the day you’re emotionally attached to these guys when you’re part of it. You’re not in there fighting, but you feel the wins and losses and the losses hurt. I want to see Mike rest. I can’t even get my mind wrapped around him fighting anybody at this point. I don’t even want to think about fighting anybody right now.”

There was criticism of the fight with Kelvin Gastelum on November 25, as it came just three weeks after the title loss to welterweight G.O.A.T. Georges St-Pierre.

“Well, hindsight, you’re always going to say it’s a regret, – ‘Oh s*** we shouldn’t have done that,'” said Parillo. “But you can’t go back on it and have regrets really about it. That’s Michael Bisping. Michael Bisping’s going to continue. That’s his character and the personality he is. He wanted to take that fight and he knows that he’s going to live with himself no matter what happens and no matter what you say or I say or any of the fans say.

“At the end of the day, Michael Bisping’s just fine with who Michael Bisping is. He’s fine with the choices he makes and I know that as a coach. Everybody on his team knows that. He made a decision and he knows he’s going to live with it no matter what direction it goes.”