Thursday, February 15, 2018

Bellator 194 on Friday features an excellent fight between former world champion boxers Heather Hardy and Ana Julaton. However, Hardy cut so hard to make the 126 non-title flyweight limit that she was unresponsive after she failed by 1/4 pound. Mike Mazzulli, Director of the Mohegan Tribe Department of Athletic Regulation, was so concerned that he declared her weigh-in over, bypassing the availability of two extra hours, or removing her bikini. Either measure sometimes works, although not always.

A confused Hardy thought she had made weight successfully, and realized only later that she was being fined 20% of her purse. She did however concede that her condition was not good.

“Yes, it was a rough-ass weight cut – was totally clear on my face,” she said to Matt Erickson for MMAjunkie.

It was what was clear on her face that led Mazzulli to bring her weigh-in to an immediate close.


“It was never said she was good,” explained Mazzulli. “She got on the scale, she was 126.25 … she was a quarter-pound over. At that point, I explained to her – after evaluating her and seeing how she was – that she was not going to lose anymore. The fight’s not going to happen [if she took any further steps to make weight] – I’ll cancel the fight. Fighter safety is the most important at Mohegan, and I make sure of it.”

“I evaluated her, and I felt I didn’t even want her to [weigh in without clothing behind a towel], because at that point she wasn’t even speaking to me. I made the decision as the commissioner that I wasn’t going to put her on the scale with no clothes on – that’s how concerned I was about her. And my doctors will re-evaluate her tonight at the [ceremonial] weigh-in, as well.”

“I explained to her [on the scale] that she did not [make weight] – that she was over a quarter, but I was not going to allow her to lose any more weight. … I explained to her, ‘I’m not even going to have you remove your clothes, because at this point you can’t even speak to me coherently. That concerns me.’”

Mazzulli then reached out to Bellator about the weight miss, and the promotion determined to go forward with the bout.

“Rich Chou, the matchmaker, came to me, and I automatically fined Ms. Hardy 20 percent,” said Mazzulli. “[Julaton] came in, and I explained to her that it’s your decision if you’re going to fight, but Ms. Hardy is going to get a 20 percent fine, which is $2,400. And instead of me keeping $1,000 of it, which I have the right to, I provided the $2,400 to her opponent. At that point, [Julaton] accepted it, and that’s where we are right now.”

Regardless of what happens Friday, a rematch between the pair is already planned, under boxing rules.

All other fighters at Bellator 194 weighed in successfully:
Roy Nelson (265) vs. Matt Mitrione (255)
Derek Campos (154) vs. Patricky Freire (155)
Liam McGeary (203.75) vs. Vadim Nemkov (205)
Heather Hardy (126.25) vs. Ana Julaton (125)
Tywan Claxton (145) vs. Jose Perez (142)
Pat Casey (155.5) vs. Tyler Hamilton (154.5)
Peter Nascimento (163.5) vs. Kastriot Xhema (164.5)
Dean Hancock (155.25) vs. Marcus Surin (156)
Walter Howard (203) vs. Jarod Trice (205.5)
Regivaldo Carvalho (145) vs. Tom English (146)
Mike Kimbel (135.75) vs. Geoffrey Then (135)
Ronie Arana Leon (156) vs. Ross Richardson (155.5)