Thursday, February 22, 2018

The two greatest fighters that never signed with the UFC are Fedor Emelianenko and Ben Askren. UFC president Dana White pursued Fedor enormously hard, offering a reported $5 million, and to build a stadium in Russia. The UFC boss balked only a co-promotion, and Fedor’s then manager the controversial Vadim Finkelstein insisted and that was that. In Askren’s case, White never even asked.

Askren and White had bickered on Twitter and Funky’s wrestling-heavy style wasn’t compelling to White, or to Askren’s former boss, the controversial Bellator founder Bjorn Rebney, who did not offer a new contract. Askren ended up happy and well-compensated fighting for ONE Championship, and retired after a TKO win on November 24, 2017 vs. Shinya Aoki at ONE 63: Immortal Pursuit.

The hardcore fanbase would still love to see Askren in the UFC, and Askren wants to fight welterweight G.O.A.T. Georges St-Pierre. And it’s not just the hardcore fanbase, as indicated by a recent UFC on FOX twitter account question, that followed a call by Joe Rogan to get Askren in the UFC.

Askren was game.

UFC star Frankie Edgar appeared recently on the MMA Roasted podcasted, and said he was interested too.

“I would love to see Askren in the UFC,” said Edgar, as transcribed by Jim Edwards for MMANytt. “I think it’s a shame that he hasn’t been here. I think people, or at least Dana and the UFC brass don’t want to see him go out there and wrestle guys to death and whatnot, but he’s out there wrestling and finishing guys now. The dude doesn’t get hit and it’s pretty impressive.”

“That’s like the ‘who would win out of GSP or him?’ That’s something people have been talking about for a long time and he’s got the ability to make that fight very interesting because of his wrestling ability. Typically Georges is the guy with the wrestling ability, but I think Ben might have a hand in there.”

Is there anyone who isn’t interested in this?