Florian: McGregor would be a fool to do MMA again if he wins

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Former UFC title contender, UFC Tonight on Fox Sports 1 host, UFC Fight Night on Fox color commentator, and Anik & Florian Podcast founder Kenny Florian recently made his first appearance on Submission Radio. Among the wide variety of subjects addressed was, naturally, MayMay, and he offered a qualified prediction.

“I have been going a little bit back and forth, maybe not back and forth as far as my predictions, and it is always confusing, especially hearing a very confident Conor McGregor and kind of again realizing that this is a Floyd Mayweather that hasn’t fought in a couple of years,” said Florian. “And again, I keep hearing that maybe he’s not training as hard as he used to and that he’s maybe fighting for the money, which I’m sure he is, it is a lot of money on the line, and I know that Conor’s going out there not to participate, he’s not going there to just collect the check and I think a lot of fighters would when they look at Floyd Mayweather in a sport that they’re not involved in. So I think Conor is genuinely going out there to look for a knockout.

“Can he do it? I just don’t know, I don’t think so. I don’t think there’s a guy on the planet, if you are only throwing hands, I don’t think there’s a guy on the planet who’s going to be within 20 pounds who’s going to be able to really outbox someone like Floyd Mayweather. Now, the way that you have to approach someone like Floyd is to make it a fight.

“You cannot box him. I mean, Canelo Álvarez is a phenomenal boxer, extremely technical, he hits hard, he does everything right, he didn’t get close to beating Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather just looked like he was in a class all by himself and that was because he took this approach of trying to outbox one of the best boxers, perhaps the best boxer of our generation, a defensive master. And I think you can’t box Mayweather, you need to fight Mayweather, you need to make it nasty, you need to make it dirty and he needs to get it done early.

“I’ve said it before, I give Conor about a 10 percent chance. I would love for him to knock out Floyd Mayweather. I think that it would be yet another milestone for our sport, I think it puts us on the map that much more, I think it gives us that much more respect, but it is an extremely, extremely tall task for Conor McGregor who has never competed in pro boxing to go against one of the best boxers of all time and beat him. Can he knock him out? Yes, absolutely, it is combat, anything can happen. But I still think Floyd is going to win that fight. And again, I would love for Conor to win, you know, obviously given my background and I would love to see it happen, I just don’t think it’s going to happen.

“However, when I look at other upsets and other upsets in sports history, you know, a lot of people said Buster Douglas would never beat Mike Tyson ever. You know, a lot of people back in the 1970’s said the United States would never beat the Russians in hockey. You know, there have been some amazing upsets in sports history, this could be another one of them. But when I look at the stats, when I look at the approaches, when I look at the way that Mayweather fights compared with the way Conor fights, yeah, Floyd should win every single time. But this is a Conor that is extremely motivated and I think he knows that he can’t take that traditional boxing approach. I think that we’re going to see a very unusual approach from Conor, everything from switching stances to jumping around and finding crazy angles, to him getting on the inside and getting pretty dirty when it comes to fighting Floyd.”

“If I’m Conor McGregor and I get the win over Floyd Mayweather, I say good bye to everything, I never step into a ring or a cage ever again, I blow my kisses and I say, ‘Thank you, I’m the greatest of all time, you guys take it easy, I have a hundred million in my bank, I’m going to go buy an island.’ But you know, I think if he loses, I think we’ll definitely see him back.

“If he wins, does he come back to the UFC? I don’t know. I don’t see – I mean, what else? What’s bigger than that? What is bigger than that? He’s won two belts in the UFC and then just knocked out or beat the best boxer of all time. I don’t think he would come back. I think it would harm his legacy. I think he’d be a fool to come back. He already has all the money in the world and he just climbed Mount Everest without any experience, so I think he should retire if he wins.

“But if he loses, I do think he will come back. I think he probably wants to have another fight, maybe against Nate Diaz or maybe a super fight against someone like Georges St. Pierre for big money, and if he fights I think a lot of people are gonna be looking at him and say, okay, listen, maybe he didn’t beat Floyd Mayweather, but let’s see what he can do it in the Octagon. That’s his realm, that’s where he’s at his best. He went out there, maybe he put on a good fight against Floyd and maybe he goes to decision but he loses the decision, I think a lot of people will be interested to see this Conor McGregor now fight in mixed martial arts and I think he would probably break maybe the two-million pay-per-view buy or purchase for his next fight in the UFC. I think he’s gonna bring in a lot of fans over from boxing just based on all the things he’s been saying and all the hype-up leading into this fight on fight week alone, I think he will bring in a lot of mixed martial arts fans, and that’s what makes him so special.”

Conor McGregor boxes Floyd Mayweather on August 26, with the world watching.