Footage released of McGregor vs. Malignaggi sparring, ‘knockdown’

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Former two-time world boxing champion Paulie Malignaggi was brought into Conor McGregor’s camp to try to emulate Floyd Mayweather. When an image was posted of what appeared to be a knockdown, the boxer expressed outrage and quit the camp after just two sparring sessions.

Word started to come out about how it went. Both times the pair went 12 rounds, and they were described as hard, which went a way towards answering whether McGregor could last 12 rounds. And even Malignaggi acknowledged that McGregor got the better of many rounds, which went a ways towards answering whether McGregor could box at all, whether this was the equivalent of McGregor swimming vs. Michael Phelps.

A big question that remained was did Malignaggi slip or was the fall the result of a blow? Malignaggi said that no video taping was done of the sparring sessions, but he assumed security cameras caught the action. In fact, UFC president Dana White or someone in their party recorded it, and Dana recently posted it to his Instagram.

White also posted a brief clip of some of the action. It was as has been described – hard sparring.

While the clips do not answer every question, they are further indications that McGregor will not be entirely defenseless on August 26, when he faces the greatest boxer of the generation.