GoFundMe for Javi Vasquez cancer treatment

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Retired UFC and WEC vet Javier Vazquez is a third-degree black belt and runs an academy in Rancho Cucamonga, California, along with his wife Rose Gracie. Javi, who earned Sports Illustrated‘s “most inspirational performance of the decade in MMA” now faces the fight of his life, and friends and family are asking for help, via GoFundMe.

Professor Javier Vazquez was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. A stage 3 tumor was removed. He is extremely ill and experiencing a number of life obstacles on top of embarking on 6 months of chemotherapy.

Once his immune system is up for the task, he will go through 6 grueling months of chemo in CA. Funds will be needed immediately. These funds will not only help cover the expenses of his medical treatments, but also assist in any additional expenses as he has decided to step away from his Jiu-Jitsu academy to focus on his health and recent divorce battle.

We also ask for prayers for Professor Javier, his two kids, and his family in this trying time. Messages are welcome as well. Professor Javier’s current situation is very dire. Your donations are so greatly appreciated. Va con dios.

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