GSP and UFC have reportedly come to terms

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre retired in 2013, citing the need to rest. He later expanded that to include concerns about doping in the league, among other points.

On July 1, 2015, the UFC instituted what is believed to be the toughest anti-doping program. And it time negotiations for the return of GSP commenced but apparently broke down over apparel sponsorship. The UFC is wedded to Reebok, and GSP has a deal with UnderArmor. At one point things got so bad St-Pierre reported that he was a free agent, which the UFC firmly denied. By October, UFC president Dana White said the relationship between the two had never been better.

But there was no contract.

Now the extremely well-connected Ariel Helwani is reporting for MMA Fighting that multiple sources have confirmed St-Pierre and the UFC have agreed to terms, and are close to finalizing a new contract.

There have been a number of indications the contract was coming:
•UFC president Dana White told TSN that, “me and GSP got everything straight between us.”
•UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping recently said one of St-Pierre’s trainers told him, “the deal is almost done and he wants to fight me.”

A return in the third quarter of 2017 is reportedly being targeted. It has reportedly not been determined what weight division he will return to. The obvious one is middleweight.Current middleweight champion Michael Bisping is looking for a huge fight. Like any rational person, he wants fights where his odds are good. GSP is looking for a big fight. The UFC needs a big PPV.

On Monday Bisping said the GSP fight was his first choice.

St-Pierre, 35, remains on a 12-fight win streak.