GSP: I’m training to break or KO Bisping

Sunday, August 20, 2017

UFC welterweight G.O.A.T. Georges St-Pierre received some fan criticism for not going for the finish. However, during an appearance on Ariel Helwani’s The MMA Hour, GSP conceded that in his latest fights he focused on what he had to do to win, rather than what he had to do to finish.

“They were accepting the defeat,” said St-Pierre of previous opponents, as transcribed by Marc Raimondi for MMA Fighting. “They knew they were going to lose before the end of the fight. They were fighting to not get beat up too much instead of fighting to win.”

“If he doesn’t open up, you keep doing what you do well to win the fight. You’re winning, so you don’t necessarily change. … On my side, I was fighting to win, but it’s hard. You know that if you’re exposing yourself [to] useless openings, [you can] get beat up.”

He vowed to fight more aggressively when he returns to the Octagon vs. Michael Bisping at UFC 217 on November 4, after a break of four years.

“I’ve trained a lot of things. I’m gonna be more there to hurt guys and to go for the finish,” said GSP. “To submit, to break. To go for the break. To go for the knockout or go for the break if I have a submission. Until he taps. I’m gonna be more opportunistic. … I made my training to be more opportunistic, to be more angry on the finish.”

While GSP promises to try to break Bisping physically, he acknowledged that The Count won’t break mentally.

“It will be tough,” said GSP. “Michael is a very courageous man. He always comes forward. He never backs down. Mentally, he’s very tough.”