Gus wants to welcome Rockhold to 205 and Cormier responds

Friday, February 16, 2018

At the UFC 221 open workouts last week, Luke Rockhold announced that he would not be at middleweight forever.

“It never gets any easier,” he said, as transcribed by Damon Martin for MMAnytt. “I’m getting older and my bones are getting thicker and it gets harder to get down to this weight. … DC moving up to heavyweight. He’s not coming back, so I’ll be up there soon. It’s imminent. I’ll be up there soon.”

Yoel Romero ended up missing weight, removing him from interim belt eligibility. And Romero won, perhaps giving Rockhold yet another reason to seek slower, albeit bigger pastures. But #1 light heavyweight contender Alexander Gustafsson is waiting, and offered a neighborly welcome, if your neighbor carries a battle axe.

“Luke Rockhold, your teammate is holding MY Division hostage, and you think there are only easy fights at light heavyweight,” wrote Gus on Instagram. “If you think Romero hits hard, then wait till you come to the big boys. I want Daniel Cormier, and knocking you out will keep me warm in the meantime. Beware of coming up in weight because I will be standing at the front door waiting.”

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Rockhold’s AKA teammate Daniel Cormier was not impressed with Gustafsson’s remarks about his AKA teammate Rockhold.

“Nice timing Alexander (kick him while he’s down huh),” tweeted DC. “I got a better idea though he doesn’t fight you next. He fights Robert Whitaker, I mean sometimes that happens right. You lose your way into a title shot! #thegustafsonway.”

And Gus responded in kind.

Cormier moving up to fight Stipe Miocic at UFC 226 on July 7 opens the door twice. Rockhold can move up to 205 as DC is out. And with the division champ fighting in the summer, Gustafsson isn’t likely to get a title shot until winter. And it’s winter now.

Gus vs. Rockhold – make it happen Dana White.