Friday, February 16, 2018

UFC 8 was a pivotal event in the history of mixed martial arts. Held in Puerto Rico, it was the first show to draw political condemnation and the first to be refused by a major cable carrier. What followed drove the sport underground and very nearly killed it.

However, UFC 8 is also notable in a most positive direction – it was the first time Bruce Buffer appeared as an announcer. Buffer describes how it happened, via his social network.

“Today is a very special day for me as I celebrate my 22nd anniversary since the first time I stepped into the UFC Octagon in Bayamon, Puerto Rico to announce the preliminary fights at UFC 8 on Feb 16, 1996,” he wrote. “That night I managed my fighter Scott ‘The PitBull’ Ferrozzo into the event as a ploy on my part to be there and convince the then owner of the UFC named Robert Meyrowitz to give me my shot at announcing, which he did that night..

“Thank you, Robert, as that decision by you will be appreciated by me forever. And the rest “Ladies & Gentlemen” is an amazing unforgettable ride on the UFC Rocket Ship that I plan on being a passenger of for many years to come. I wish to sincerely thank all the amazing fighters and other wonderful people I have met and created friendships with over the years for your support. And sincere thanks to all the amazing UFC fans around the world who fuel my passionate fire with their energy every night I enter the arena and walk into my beloved Octagon to perform what I truly love to do.

“Big Cheers & Love To All.”

So Happy 22th Announciversary Bruce Buffer from The UnderGround. We are looking forward to the next two decades.