Friday, February 16, 2018

Two former world champion boxers, Heather Hardy and Ana Julaton, fight tonight at Bellator 194. However, in an interview with Dave Doyle for MMA Fighting, Hardy said Julaton is yesterday’s news, and will pay.

“She’s just trying to latch onto my name,” said Hardy. “I’m relevant in MMA and she’s not, so she’s been saying all types of s*** like I’ve been ducking her. Well, okay now you’ve got my attention and now you’ve got a fight.”

“Here’s the thing, she was basically done with boxing by 2013. I didn’t even start boxing until 2012 and my prime came after she left to start mixed martial arts. So she’s been going out and saying I’ve been ducking her and this and that, knowing that a lot of people in MMA don’t follow boxing all that close. If you’re going to lie like that just to get my attention and try to make yourself relevant, I mean, you don’t talk s*** like that where I come from and get away with it.”

“I want to go in there and just beat the s*** out of her. I want to leave no doubt. I want it so that no one is going to want to see the rematch. After this fight, it will be up to me to decide whether she should get another paycheck off my name.”

Julaton was 19-4-1 in boxing, and is 2-3 in MMA. She is coming off a split decision loss to Lisa Blaine at Bellator 185 on October 20, 2017. Hardy was 20-0 in boxing with one No Contest, and is 1-1 in MMA. She is coming off a TKO loss to  Kristina Williams at Bellator 185 on October 20, 2017.

The pair will also box each other in the ring at a later date.