‘Humiliated and victimized’ Ribas responds to anti-doping suspension

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Brazilian strawweight Amanda Ribas signed with the UFC and like all fighters under contract was immediately entered into USADA’s random, comprehensive, out of competition anti-doping program. Ribas had a test flagged; scheduled to fight Juliana Lima at the TUF 25 Finale on July 7, she was first provisionally suspended, and recently was suspended for two years.

Now the fighter has responded, in a message to MMAjunkie.

This is Amanda Ribas. I am fighter under contract to the UFC. Recently one of my anti doping tests performed by USADA came out positive for the steroid Ostarine.

This would have been my debut in the UFC and the fulfillment of my dream!

Those who know me, know my opinion and thoughts on PEDs. I was a Brazilian National Judo team member, and I am a professional MMA fighter. I have always been completely against any kind of cheating and the use of any of these kinds of products!

When the test came back positive, I, along with my manager and trainer, gathered all the supplements and medicines I had been using, and sent them to USADA to try to find out how this had shown up in my body. Not only had I not used it, up until that moment, I had never even heard of Ostarine!

After spending a lot of money on the testing of the supplements (which is paid for by the athlete), we were unable to find Ostarine in any of the products. However, we did find clumbeterol, which also is a forbidden substance, but oddly enough, never showed up in my tests.

I have never used anything like this in my life, and I feel extremely humiliated and victimized at being punished for something I did not do. The fact that clumbeterol appeared in one of my supplements shows the poor quality and low standards of many of the supplement products on sale in Brazil and worldwide. For sure, I used a supplement that contained traces of Ostarine, but since it never occurred to me that things like this could happen, I must have used it up and thrown it away.

It happened to me, and it has happened to other Brazilian athletes as well as athletes from other countries. I want to declare my innocence, and leave an urgent warning to all other athletes in Brazil and worldwide. This happens! It represents a huge risk to our lives and our careers! I will make it my mission to tell the world what happened to me, so that maybe I can avoid it happening to somebody else!

I will serve my suspension, I will train hard, and I will come back and become UFC Champion!

The statement has the ring of truth. Ribas didn’t even know how to spell Clenbuterol.

Tainted supplements are a real thing. USADA makes a great deal of information available about supplements in their online 411 Supplement section. All fighters, from the greenest amateur to pros trying to get into the UFC should familiarize themselves with it. In fact, everyone who takes supplements should.