IMMAF Euros finals results

Saturday, June 23, 2018

The 2018 IMMAF Youth European Championships and the 2018 IMMAF Senior European Championships took place from June 18-22 at the Rin Grand Hotel in Bucharest, Romania.

The IMMAF Youth European Open Championships was the IMMAF’s first ever junior competition for 18, 19, and 20-year-olds only. Their purpose is to provide opportunity for younger rising stars to shine against competitors of a similar range of experience. In line with IMMAF’s ethos, they create a safer competition environment for younger adults who have not yet reached their physical peak.

Day 1 to 4 videos are available to watch on demand at, and Finals matches will be published next week

Tournament medallists:


Women’s Atomweight:
Gold: Jenna Horto (Finland)
Silver: Mavru Ana Maria (Romania)
Bronze: Aeilish O Hanlon (Ireland) Bronze.

Women’s Strawweight:
Gold: Anna Astvik (Sweden)
Silver: Nina Back (Sweden)
Bronze: Giulia De Dominicis (Italy), Raluca Dinescu (Romania) Bronze.

Women’s Flyweight:
Gold: Janika Antinmaa (Finland)
Silver: Ilaria Norcia (Italy)
Bronze: Ingabjorg Helga Andordottir (Iceland), Ghita Lulia Luiza (Romania)

Women’s Bantamweight:
Gold: Frida Vastamaki (Sweden)
Silver: Joanne Doyle (UK)
Bronze: Karolina Hulkko (Finland), Katsiaryna Dziaborava (Belarus)

Women’s Featherweight:
Gold: Julia Dorny (Germany)
Silver: Jenni Kivioja (Finland)
Bronze: Fabiana Giampa (Italy), Anniina Ervasti (Finland)

Men’s Flyweight:
Gold: Oktay Arif (Bulgaria)
Silver: Giacomo Santoro (Italy)
Bronze: Sebastian Gonzalez (Sweden), Zoran Milic (Sweden) Bronze.

Men’s Bantamweight:
Gold: Renato Vidovic (Sweden)
Silver: Denislav Hadzhiev (Bulgaria)
Bronze: Zdravko Dimitrov (Bulgaria), Jonny Touma (Sweden) Bronze.

Men’s Featherweight:
Gold: Amir Malekpour (Sweden)
Silver: Mici Saaristo (Finland)
Bronze: Ciaran Breslin (Northern Ireland), Eemil Kurhela (Finland)

Men’s Lightweight:
Gold: Pavel Senchenko (Ukraine)
Silver: Kaupo Kokamagi (Estonia)
Bronze: Bogdan Grad (Austria), Iorga Cristian (Romania)

Men’s Welterweight:
Gold: Sola Axel (France)
Silver: Isakov Issa (Belgium)
Bronze: Yann Liasse (Luxembourg), Josh Hudson (UK) Bronze.

Men’s Middleweight:
Gold: Dario Bellandi (Italy)
Silver: Radu Zarioiu (Romania)
Bronze: Dzmitry Zasinets (Belarus), Tommi Leinonen (Finland)

Men’s Light Heavyweight:

Gold: Murtaza Talha Ali (Bahrain)
Silver: Anton Turkalj (Sweden)
Bronze: Cathal Manning (Ireland), Pavel Pahomenko (Belarus)

Men’s Heavyweight:
Gold: Ryan Spillane (Ireland)
Silver: Daniel Yankov (Bulgaria)
Bronze: Besart Berisha (Austria), Matias Anttila (Finland) Bronze.

Men’s Super Heavyweight:
Gold: Dorobantu Mihai (Romania)
Silver: Damian Vasenjak (Austria)
Bronze: Ivan Ivanov (Bulgaria)


Junior Women’s Flyweight:
Gold: Anna Gaul (Germany)
Silver: Lea Maria Zinkanell (Austria)

Junior Men’s Flyweight:
Gold: Jamie Abbott-Bisset (Ireland)
Silver: Abylay Korgenov (Kazakhstan)

Junior Men’s Bantamweight:
Gold: Jake Nichols (UK)
Silver: Ali Yaqoob (Bahrain)
Bronze: Patrick Dunne-Symes (Ireland), Jack Corr (Northern Ireland)

Junior Men’s Featherweight:
Gold: Eryk Walecki (Poland)
Silver: Nahom Alem (Ireland)
Bronze: Jordan Bradshaw (Ireland), Meirbek Tulegenov (Kazakhstan)

Junior Men’sLightweight:
Gold: Eduard Kexel (Germany)
Silver: Zubair Gadzhiev (Bahrain)
Bronze: Patrick Lehane (Ireland), Adam Darby (Ireland) Bronze.

Junior Men’s Welterweight:
Gold: Roan Crocker (UK)
Silver: Wladislaw Keilbach (Germany)
Bronze: Yousif Sayyar (Bahrain), Leonardo Oliva (Italy) Bronze.

Junior Men’s Heavyweight:
Gold: Trevor Makengo (Ireland)
Silver: Brian Draper (Ireland)