Thursday, April 19, 2018

UFC heavyweight Justin Willis spoke recently with MMAjunkie and characterized his past year with an unexpected word. His league debut at UFC 208 was thwarted due to complications from a short-notice weight cut down to 265. He bounced back with two wins, a unanimous decision over James Mulheron in July, and a KO over Allen Crowder in December.

“It was serene,” said Willis, as transcribed by MMAjunkie. “Everything that was supposed to happen happened.”

“I put my full faith in the Yahweh, and I just keep going forward. I keep doing what I do, and that’s dominate.”

“I’m a calm, cool, collected individual. I just go in there, look to this next fight. The past, I don’t even worry about it. The past don’t have nothing to do with today. And today I’m going to dominate. Tomorrow I’m going to dominate.”

“It’s my time – point blank, period. Last year was just an introduction to the world. And now it’s time to really say I’m here. It’s my time.”

On Saturday Willis fights Chase Sherman on the main card of UFC Fight Night 128 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He has no interest in dwelling in the past, and explains why.


“Upbringing, man,” said Willis. “Nature vs. nurture. Growing up, this is the mindset that I had to have to overcome. It stuck with me. It’s a blessing to have this mindset. … I grew up in the lion’s den. And now it’s just time to eat these motherf***ers.”


“It’s time to wake the sleep sheep. God don’t give people platforms for no reason. The sad thing is, a lot of people in today’s society that have platforms don’t use them to benefit society. And I’m willing to use my platform to do just that. This is not about me. I’m a nobody in the grand scheme of things. In the grand scheme of things, it’s time to uplift the people.

“A lot of people are down and looking for people to lift them up. If I have to be that guy, I have to be that guy.”