Justin Wren ascending Mt. Kilimanjaro for live-giving water

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

This Friday, Justin Wren heads to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with Super Bowl champ Chris Long from the Philadelphia Eagles to wingman his water initiative Waterboys. The climb will be featured in a documentary at Tribeca film festival, the NFL network, and will look for a home on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Wright has set a personal goal of raising $2 per foot of elevation for the climb, and he’s not quite there at $1 per 19,341 feet of elevation. If you’d like to chip in and root them on to tackle thirst and knock out the water crisis with a group of NFL and military vets, here is the waterboys link.

‘The Big Pygmy’ is known for his successful fight career. Early on he appeared on the Spike reality show, “The Ultimate Fighter,” cementing his reputation as a dominating force in the division. His current record of 15-2 remains an impressive testament to his skill as he currently competes in Bellator MMA’s heavyweight division.

Wren’s goal of raising $2 per of elevation of Mt. Kilimanjaro, will be $38,682 that will go towards transforming communities through the gift of clean water!

In his book, “Fight for the Forgotten,” Wren shares how his faith shifted his focus from fighting against opponents in the cage to fighting for the “most bullied people in the world,” the Mbuti Pygmies in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Justin took a five-year hiatus from his pro fighting career to live in the DRC with the oppressed hunter-gatherer tribe to begin land, water and food initiatives in the Ituri Rainforest. Since 2011, Justin and Fight for the Forgotten have provided nearly 3,000 acres of land, 70 water wells, and started 3 successful farming initiatives to the Pygmies, empowering local teams to be the implementers of the work. In 2018 a documentary entitled Fighting for Freedom will debut after being in filming since 2014. The film discovers and documents how thru empowering the locals to lobby for human rights more than 1,500 Mbuti Pygmies peacefully found sustainable freedom from their former slave masters.


Freedom in the Congo from Lampstand on Vimeo.