KSW 43 gets number 1 ratings on Polish television

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

On Saturday night KSW 43 took the number 1 spot on Polish television with an impressive 15% share. Average viewership during the event was 1.3 million while it peaked at 1.7 million viewers.

The online PPV portal www.KSWTV.com saw a 300% increase in global buys compared to the last ‘free-to-air’ event, KSW 38 last year.

“Surprising twists, new heroes, and unpredictable fights,” said KSW co-owner Martin Lewandowski. “KSW 43 will go into history as a gala where the first two foreign fighters had a main event. It is also a sign that we already have fans who appreciate the skills of the fighter in a cage and can root for non-Polish athletes. KSW 43 was in the number 1 position on TV in Poland Saturday night with 15% share of the market and at its peak had 1,700,000 viewers. Our brand strength is the strength of our fans.”

KSW 43 saw Dricus Du Plessis (12-1) capture the title from Roberto Soldic (13-3) with a second round KO after a thrilling contest, it was the very first main event of a KSW card not to feature a Polish fighter.

We also witnessed Olympic Greco-Roman medalist Damian Janikowski (3-0) score an 18 second KO win over former multi-promotional champ Yannick Bahati (8-4)

And the UK’s Phil De Fries (15-6) get crowned the new KSW heavyweight champion.

The next event is KSW 44 and it will take place June 9 from Gdansk, Poland. It will feature five-times world’s strongest man Mariusz Pudzianowski (12-6) vs. former champion Karol Bedorf (14-3) in a monumental main event five years in the making. Already announced for the card is a mega-crossover fight between Polish action movie star Tomasz Oswiecinksi (1-0) and Erko Jun (0-0), a world-famous bodybuilder & fitness model.