Sunday, December 10, 2017

A wildly successful KickStarter is underway for a limited edition, individually numbered, luxury timepiece to mark the legacy of UFC welterweight G.O.A.T. (and maybe G.O.A.T. G.O.A.T) Georges St-Pierre. The $45,000 goal already has over $100,000 in pledges for the partnership between MMA legend GSP and Egard Watch Co. to create a limited edition timepiece worthy of his legacy.

“Georges has always dreamed of creating a watch that symbolized his career as a lifetime mixed martial artist and UFC champion,” said Ilan Srulovicz. “So I reached out more than willing to help him realize this dream.

“Rush is a masterful collection of watches designed by legendary mixed martial artist GSP and myself, of the Egard Watch to honor a legacy as a lifetime martial artist and world champion MMA fighter.”

“Thanks to the creative and design input from Georges, our collaboration is truly one of a kind and sure to become an iconic, limited edition collector’s piece in the future. After an intensive design phase between Georges and myself, Rush has been prototyped and is ready to begin a limited run production.”

Georges Favorite Design Features:

•Engraved Signature Caseback
•Engraved Superman Punch
•Revolving Disks Complications
•Fleur De Lis on Watch Crown

Ilan’s Favorite Design Features:
•Curved Sapphire Crystal on the top and bottom
•2 Piece Trademarked Oblong Case
•Modified Automatic Movement
•New AA Plating Method

The Rush watch is currently pre-selling on kickstarter. This lets them cut out the distributors and wholesalers to offer the piece at a 60% discount for a limited time and get feedback directly from you, the customer! They opted to create Rush in two different movements and pricing categories with subtle differences between the two. The high-quality quartz watch allows for an affordable option, while the automatic has a build quality only seen in high-end luxury boutique brands.

Automatic — A mechanical watch where the mainspring is wound automatically by motion, providing energy to power the watch. The automatic Rush uses sapphire crystal.

Quartz — A battery operated watch that uses an entelectronic oscillator that is regulated by a quartz crystal to keep time. The quartz Rush uses a hardened mineral crystal and has chronograph functions instead of the Day/Date/Month features found on the automatic version.

Warranty on Rush: 2-year limited warranty on both the Automatic and Quartz Rush timepiece. It covers any issues and defects with the Egard watch. The Rush Box Set includes Metal Carbon Fiber Bracelet, Rubber Engraved Strap, and a GSP Collectors Card.