Thursday, February 15, 2018

The consensus choice for greatest UFC fighter of all time is middleweight Anderson Silva. Silva is second to Demetrious Johnson for consecutive title defenses, but he also twice went up a division during the run. However, super manager Malki Kawa appeared recently on The Luke Thomas Show and floated a startling proposition.

“I think there’s a case to be made that this guy might be the greatest middleweight of all time,” said Kawa, as transcribed by Adam Guillen Jr. for MMA Mania. “If you look at the record he has and who his wins come against, he has got more wins against former champions than Anderson Silva does.”

Romero did receive a six-month suspension for failing an anti-doping test, but it was due to a tainted supplement. And he took the manufacturer to court. Silva failed a PED test and suggested it came from a mysterious erectile dysfunction drug in Thailand. Then he failed another one. So that can’t play against Romero. ‘The Soldier of God’ did fail his latest weigh-in but that had a good reason.


“So, in reality he missed weight and he took this fight on short notice,”said Kawa. “I just want people to understand that this was a risk that not only he took but so did the UFC and everybody else. This is not a professionalism thing. If he had time to properly do this the way he normally would’ve done it, there is no doubt in my mind he would make the weight.”


“I have no doubt he will make 185 when he fights for the title again against Whittaker. So the reality of it is if you look at his record, he lost a razor-thin close fight to Whittaker, current champion, knocked out Luke Rockhold, and he’s knocked out a couple of other former champions. In the end, when you look at it, look at his resume, I just don’t know if there is anyone that honestly deserves [the title shot]. Dana has already said he’s getting it, so we are expecting the fight with Whittaker next.

“Belt or no belt, he is one of the greatest middleweight to ever fight. You have to look at his resume and you have to look at the guys he’s beaten. He’s beaten four former champions, and there is only one another guy that I know has victories like that in the UFC, and that’s Jon Jones and you hear me saying he’s the greatest fighter of all time. Yes, he’s never won the belt, but I think if he wins the belt against Whittaker, you start to cement that and make that case.”