Manuwa stuns Anderson with first round one punch knockout

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The main event of UFC Fight Night 107 featured a lightheavyweight bout between England’s Jimi Manuwa and Corey Anderson. The fight represented an important fight in the division with both fighters ranked in the top ten. The fight started a little slow with both fighters finding their range and feeling out their opponent, but then Manuway stalked Anderson to the cage and landed a hook left hook. Anderson was out cold and the ref intervened to end the bout.

Official Result: Jimi Manuwa defeated Corey Anderson by Knockout (Punch, Round 1, 3:05)


Round 1 – Touch of gloves to start the main event. Anderson light on his feet and moving on the outside. He opens with a prodding low kick. Manuwa keeps his hands high and rifles out a jab. Anderson shoots from range but is easily stuffed. Manuwa stoic as he moves forward, and he launches a high kick. Anderson trying to move in and out of range. He teases another takedown but comes up short. Anderson active in his movement, but he’s not landing anything of consequence just yet. Manuwa slowly stalking. He lands a big left hand, and it’s on the button. Anderson is out, and Manuwa just walks away.